Race Description

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Hello there, my name is Erik Placko and I am responsible for Baton Training & Management! I want to present you with the vision for The Human Baton (THB) race and athlete participation. I hope you’ve seen the trailer on our website. If not, please go back to the start page to gain an initial understanding of the race.

The Race

Now, let’s start at the beginning to explain the race.

You may have seen the famous 400m relay race in the Olympic Games®. Note how it is divided into four legs. Four star-athletes, at the top of their game, come together to form one team, sprinting at top speed, and giving it their all. Each athlete runs one leg, but the teamwork is what makes the dream work, as they are all responsible for passing the baton forward from the starting line to the finish line to win the race.

So, what makes THB extra special you might ask? Well, the baton which is being passed between the drivers on the team is not an inanimate object, it’s a live human being, the Baton Athlete! Forget about being a passive passenger! The Baton Athletes will be completely integrated as they co-pilot and navigate their teams across 500 square miles of race course.

THB took the relay concept and scaled it to the size of a small country, creating a race where each leg holds a different super sport which incapsulates some of the most elite vehicles on planet earth. The legs include Drift cars, Desert Rally cars, Super cars, Power Boats, Endurance Horses and even Helicopters!

Exciting enough yet? Now, take a step forward and multiply this team by thirty as there are up to thirty teams racing alongside each other. In the THB relay race, they fight for every second and just as in the Olympic Games® – Every Second Counts!

Strength and Stamina

The Baton Athletes and their teams will be racing alongside each other for two days for an estimated ten hours each day! This duration will push the Baton Athletes’ endurance both physically and mentally to the ultimate test, which will require them to be at the absolute top of their game. There will be extensive training and preparation leading up to the race, where Baton Athletes will train side-by-side with me and individually with their teams.  And, Baton Athletes, team crews, and drivers must perform together in harmony to win, remembering that Every Second Counts!

Social Responsibility

This tremendous race requires an even more incredible race track. Yet, as THB is creating one of biggest races you may have ever seen, THB has an important social responsibility towards the environment. By integrating the race into the host country’s already- built infrastructure and utilizing the host country’s natural environment, THB seeks to minimize its environmental footprint to create an epic race course and improve the economy and environment where it can.

But what does this really mean? For starters we have engaged what we are calling a “Social Responsibility Czar”. His name is Matt and his job is to work with each division of THB.  Matt will review the overall impact in every country where THB operates. He has been doing this for major corporations and movies studios around the world and his work is very well respected due to the positive impact it has had on our environment. This help put THB at the leading edge of a very progressive movement, which THB continues to establish and support in the fields of sports and entertainment.

Want to be a part of this epic journey? Do you have what it takes to be a Baton?

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The THB crew and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Erik Placko

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Every second counts!