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Introducing The Human Baton

Our Flagship Product - A Super Sport Relay Race Franchise

This high-energy race takes place over land, sea, and air, and throughout a continent rather than a traditional racetrack environment. It is as a Super Sport Relay Race, however unlike historical relay races, the baton is not an inanimate object… it is a live human being, The Human Baton.

The race combines the speed of Super Cars, Drift Cars, Thundercats, Endurance Horses, Rally Cars and Helicopters into one race course with multiple legs. The Human Baton will participate in and endure each leg of the race as a co-pilot and navigator that will keep the world engaged throughout the journey.

Audiences around the world will see and hear all that the Human Baton experiences through advanced technology in video capture, live streaming, augmented reality and virtual reality entertainment.

About Us

THB is a Fan-First, Tech Led Sports and Media Company. We aim to unite fans, sports, and technology through innovation and aim to resolve global viewership fragmentation in sports and entertainment.

The company champions the use of existing technology while building new technology to deliver immersive audience experiences and forge deeper fan connection. Taking an innovative approach to audience reach, THB produces and curates varying lengths of engaging content to bring together its audience.

THB applies its expertise in performance marketing, advertising, and hospitality to align partners and sponsors with fans at scale and targeted audiences. The award-winning team, that has come together from around the world, provides renowned experience to deliver success and build the global sports and media company of the future.

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An Award-Winning Team


Managing Director


Race Management

Jeff Romeo

Chief Marketing Officer

Barnett Fletcher

Sponsorships & Partnerships

Dr Ellen Helsper

Audience Engagement

Courtney Kenobi


Erik Placko

Baton Athlete Training & Management

Brett Williamson

Team Ownership & Franchise

Ben Gott

Race Course Design

Scotty Hoyle

Risk Assessment

Andrew Ager


Jim Bowie

Race Division

Christian Gladwell

Advisor, Mobile Technology, M&C Saatchi Performance

Michael Conelly

Advisor, AR & VR Technology, Blackthorn Media

Jozef Wallis

Advisor, Business Development, Booxscale

Tom Caprio

Advisor, Content Development

David Cullen, CB OBE

Advisor, Business Development, Retired Major General

Mike Groesch

Advisor, Technology Strategy, VP at NCR

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